Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fun Halloween Looks for Long Locks (Part 2- Magical Mermaid) x Irresistible Me

Hey everyone! --

Happy Halloween!!!!!

 For Part 2, of this Halloween post with Irresistible Me I decided to transform into a Mermaid of course! When I think of long hair, I think mermaid hair. So it only seemed fitting to include a mermaid post! Also, let's be honest, if there's any excuse to dress up like a mermaid I'll do it. I think it's soo fun to go crazy with glitter and all the pearls and jewels I can find! I wish I could be a mermaid every year and I tend to go a little crazy with the glitter, so every Halloween I try to find the most sparkly costumes so I can have a little fun with it. Last year, my actual costume was a mermaid. My best friend and I made matching mermaid costumes and we spent so much time working on every detail and making sure they looked just right. There was a moment where we were standing together in our bathroom before the costume party just throwing glitter at each other haha. It was perfect. I will include a photo of us as mermaids last year. This year, I'm not a glittery creature I'm going as Eve and my fiance is WALL-E. He made both of our costumes because he's just that amazing.

 Also (back to hair) this hairstyle is the easiest! For a mermaid, waves are idea but in reality when you think mermaid you think length, period. So you can rock the mermaid costume whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly.

For makeup, this costume is so fun! You can really make the look however you want. I used a lot of loose glitter that you can buy at any craft supply store. Don't be glitter shy! You can also add some makeup setting spray to wet your skin and apply jewels or pearls wherever you want to place them to look like magical scales. 

For a costume, as I mentioned earlier I had a mermaid costume that I made last year out of a bra, a bodycon skirt, some tulle, some glue, a whole lot of jewels and seashells. If you don't have a mermaid costume, you can always wear skirt and a bathing suit top, or a top or dress that is iridescent, or even a shirt with a mermaid on it. I just happened to have a very mermaid-esque pair of earrings and starfish bracelet in my jewelry collection. I thought these added a very nice touch to the look!

Now to get the look:

Needed: curling wand, wave spray, a mermaid headpiece or accessory, gold chain, clips or bobby pins

If you're using extensions for this look, clip 'em in before you get started! Then make sure hair is nice and brushed. For this post I wore my  Irresistible Me Royal Remy clip-in hair extensions in the color Royal Platinum Blonde (613) 22 inch length
Then you just curl large sections of your hair around a wand to create a loose curl. I have a spiral curling wand that I use for every hairstyle so really any wand will do! Then you brush out the curls with your fingers to get a nice wave. 
I then played with my hair a bit and sprayed a little wave spray in my hair to create some volume and texture. 
I wanted my mermaid to have some accessories, so I chose to add a large pearl headband/tiara and I also took a gold chain that I bought at Michael's and used a small hair clip to clip it onto my hair behind my ear. 
You can use whatever you like! There is a ton of mermaid inspiration out there so I know you'll find something you like even if you don't like the way this looks!
I hope you all have an amazing, fun and safe Halloween,
full of many treats!

Christina xx
And here is the picture of last year's costumes that we made!


  1. I love the loose waves and its so fun to get even more added volume by using extensions. I like the clip in ones so much better because you can use them when you want but unlike other extensions that are permanently put in, the clips ins won't ruin your hair. Looks great and Happy Halloween!

    Tommy Clark @ Her Hair Company


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