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Our Serenity House Treehouse Stay With Glamping Hub!

Hi, guys!

Fred and I recently stayed in the coziest treehouse with Glamping Hub! We had such an amazing time. If you're interested in our stay, be sure to check out the post here
It's live over on BG by Christina

You guys might remember my last stay with Glamping Hub which was a few years ago! If you wanna check out that post, you can here!

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Christina xx

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Glamping Hub Winter Weekend Getaway

Hey everyone--

Ahh I've been so excited to share this post and these pictures with you guys! Last week, Fred and I got to go on our "glamping" adventure and we had such a great time. A little trip after the holidays was just what we needed before going back to our normal school/work schedules after the holidays. We stayed in the White Oak Tree House at The Mohicans and it really was magical! I'm soo glad we found this little spot. We found this location using the Glamping Hub.. which by the way is such an amazing site! You can find truly unique vacation spots and I've mentioned their blog before, but it has such fun trip inspiration on it! You have to check it out! It's the best way to book an outdoor accommodation. I'd heard about The Mohicans before from a sweet friend of mine (shout out to Brooke! :D) and was so excited to find out more about it from the Glamping Hub. Brooke had raved about the cute tree houses and the beautiful wedding space and now seeing it for myself, I understand! 

Prior to arriving at the Mohican site, we were given special directions on how to find our tree house. We were given these by the Mohican staff to help us navigate some of the twists and turns. We really didn't have too much trouble finding our tree house but it was quite the adventure because I felt sick while trying to read Fred the steps. It was a rocky start for us, however we arrived safely and were well prepared by the staff on what to expect and how to care for the space! Once we parked, we decided to go check out the tree house before we unloaded the car. It was seriously SOO cute. It looked like we were walking to our own little gingerbread house in the forest. The land was just beautiful and the site was covered in twinkle lights! There were twinkle lights outside and in the tree house and even in view of the wedding ceremony site. Our tree house was right by the Grand Barn which is the dreamy indoor/outdoor ceremony space, so we had a lovely view! We had a cozy loft and I immediately climbed up the ladder to explore it. I found the snuggliest knit throws up there and I brought them down for us to cuddle with. I was worried about being too cold on our trip, but we had a surplus of blankets and the tree house was pretty warm in general! I always travel with a million billion bags, but Fred was quick to carry all of them for me. He was a champ and carried most of our luggage from the car to the tree house! 

We had been traveling the past three weeks so I didn't have my tripod on me. We'd been living out of suitcases and I completely forgot that I left it at home. At first I was really bummed, but there were so many big, cool rocks around us that we make-shifted a tripod a couple of times on the trip.  For 3 weeks, I've had a case of bronchitis that I just could not kick. I've been on a couple of different antibiotics to clear it up and it took the current one I'm on to really feel any better. Fred helped me a ton on the trip so we could go and enjoy. He cooked for us and help me get the pictures that I want. He is my absolute favorite person to travel with, we always have such a fun time together and he's patient when I'm not feeling well. Feeling sick didn't stop us too much on the trip (thankfully!) we were still able to get out and explore during the day. I wore a scarf around my face for the majority of the outside time just so I wouldn't go into a coughing spell haha. 

We got to explore a lot of the grounds together. I was excited to get a chance to tour the Grand Barn and see all of the wedding venue features. We also got to check out the Old Pine tree house which was crazy cool! You had to enter it through a suspended, wooden walkway and on the ground they had the beautiful, flower covered swing. It was raining while we were checking it out, but I did not care I hopped on the swing anyway! It was too pretty not to swing on it. I could imagine some dreamy pictures being taken there in a wedding dress! If you're getting married anytime soon, I would DEFINITELY recommend checking out The Mohicans as a venue! They were so nice to us, letting us tour another tree house and the rest of the venue! We also got to take a little walk and explore an old schoolhouse. We did get chased by a dog, but Fred got us back into the car safely before anything happened haha.

We spent our evenings there just being cozy and making tea. Fred is getting hooked on The OC series because of me so I had to bring the season 2 dvd for us to watch on our trip. Every night before bed, we would cuddle on the couch and watch a few episodes. We LOVED how homey and comfortable every room in the tree house was and all of the string lights made the atmosphere look really magical and romantic. I can see why it's a preferred wedding spot! 

So as for the tree house itself, it had 3 beds! There was a queen in the lower level bedroom and 2 queens in the loft space. There was a main floor with a sectional sofa and a kitchen and there was a full bathroom and an extra outdoor shower (which I totally would have used if the weather had been even a little bit warmer). All of the linen and towels were provided. The living space had a TV/DVD. The kitchen was fully stocked with 2 mini refrigerators with small freezers, a microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, 2 burner gas cooking top and a charcoal grill at ground level! Not to mention, the wrap around deck space with an amazing view and table and chairs!

We had such a good trip! We will never forget the fancy little tree house that we got to stay in. It was a first time for both of us staying in a tree house. If you're looking to find a unique winter getaway stay, check out The Glamping Hub to find the perfect trip for you! I've never been a huge camper, but I could get used to this whole "glamping" thing! ;)

Hope you guys enjoyed hearing about our stay! 
Have a great week! :D

Christina xx