Friday, October 23, 2015

Fun Halloween Looks for Long Locks (Part 1- Rapunzel "Tangled") x Irresistible Me

Hey everyone--

I decided to do a fun "Halloween look idea" post using my Irresistible Me extensions! I'm going to give a few fun Halloween costume ideas for long hair. For today's look I channeled Rapunzel or "Tangled" but this hair style is also great for a princess, damsel-in-distress or fairy costume. 

Clip-in hair extensions are absolutely a must for this look. The extra length and volume really make your braid full and easier to work with. If I could even make three braids out of my own hair, they wouldn't give me much to work with. With my extensions in, I had a lot of hair to clip the flowers too. & All you need for this look are hair extensions, clear elastic bands, bobby pins and flower clips! I wore my Irresistible Me Royal Remy clip-in hair extensions in the color Royal Platinum Blonde (613) 22 inch length for this post.

I love how innocent, ethereal and romantic this look is. I used a lot of pinks and highlighter in my makeup look to compliment the costume. You want to look glowy, youthful and fresh faced for a Rapunzel or Disney princess look.

For outfit, I just picked a flowy, feminine dress that I had in my closet. If you don't have an actual princess costume, I think a pretty dress in a nice pastel color will do the trick!

If you're inspired by this and want to see how to get the look, keep scrolling!

Step 1: Clip those extensions in!
(If you've got Rapunzel long hair on your own omit this step.)
Make sure your hair is brushed and ready for stylin'
Sweep all of your hair to one side (decide which you side you want your braid) then separate your hair into three sections and braid the first/front section.
Braid the second section, so you have two braids.
Braid the last section, so you now have three braids.
Bobby pin or clip back the back of your hair on the opposite side of the braid. This is just to prevent fly-aways.
Then, braid all three braids together. Just take the sections and braid them as you would tiny strands of hair.
Optional: Pull out some front pieces from the braid and on the other side to create a really romantic look.
Arrange the flower clips throughout the braid however you like.
And ta-daa! You're all set! You're now a princess!
I hope you guys enjoyed this look! I have a few more coming your way! 

Happy Halloween! Hope you get lots of treats!

Christina xx

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