Wednesday, February 11, 2015

IVY Bridal Studio Collaboration

Hello lovely friends--

Have you seen The Great Gatsby? You know the scene where Daisy Buchanan enters the film and Nick Carraway is blinded by a sea of white. When the angle shifts, it's easy to see why he was captivated by the flowing chiffon curtains and the sparkling crystals hanging off of Daisy's dainty arm. When I first stepped foot into IVY Bridal Studio I was immediately transported to that dreamy Daisy Buchanan-like state. The space was so inviting and the dresses were absolutely breathtaking. My heart found a new favorite with each sparkle that caught my eye. 

Jackie Trucco created IVY Bridal Studio to give brides a truly unforgettable experience. I had the pleasure of spending time with Jackie and hearing about her great journey. This bridal boutique had been a vision of Jackie's since she was a girl.  Now it's been thriving for a couple of years in Columbus and is only expanding!

Each dress in the store is special and handpicked.. Truly some of the most unique dresses that I have ever seen. Jackie expressed to me that she really wants her brides to be in one of a kind dresses that reflect their personality. She wants them to stand out and make whatever beautiful statement that they're hoping to make. Some of the designers they carry are Alvina Valenta, Alyne by Rivini, Blush, Hayley Paige, Modern Trousseau, Amy Kuschel and Justine M Couture. The experience is also unique. With the policy being by appointment only, each bride gets to browse without interruption. Each bride gets undivided attention and is never pressured to make a purchase. The atmosphere only adds to the experience, it makes it very personal, memorable and fun. It is definitely a no stress zone with lovely vibes all around! & Touching the dresses is encouraged! Can you ask for more in a bridal studio?

If you're engaged, congratulations! You will not regret giving the IVY Bridal experience a chance. It is appointment only so please call ahead. If you're like me and have a lot of dear friends getting engaged, do them a favor and refer them to IVY. & If you hope to plan a wedding of your own one day, keep them in mind.. I've already made metal note.

Check out their website & blog to find out more information! They're also on Instagram @ivybridal

Yay for weddings and love and pretty dresses!
Happy Shopping!

Christina xx
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