Thursday, January 29, 2015

ClassPass Collaboration

Hey everyone--

As I've mentioned before ClassPass has launched in Columbus! Get your tanks ready and pack your gym totes! There are so many different types of workouts to try... yoga, barre, bootcamp, pilates and more! Check out the ClassPass website to find a map of exact locations and if you're looking for some suggestions:

For strengthening and cross-training try The Butcher Shop Fitness, Improvement Warrior Fitness or Ohio Fit Club!

For toning and tightening while meditating try V Power Yoga or Thank Yoga!

For barre, try Pure Barre!

& For a rockin' bod makeover try Pai Yoga and Fitness and Burn!

 Sign up for ClassPass today and enjoy unlimited classes for only $79/month.
Share your experiences on social media with #classpasscolumbus #passthehappy #livingthesweatylife

Happy working out!

Christina xx
I don't even know abouttt my shoes.
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Have a sweet day!