Thursday, July 2, 2015

Recipe: Liberty Lemonade

Hey everyone--

Here is a refreshing, patriotic drink recipe just in time for your holiday weekend. It's super simple to make and perfect to share with your friends and family as you celebrate! Give it a try this weekend!

Have a very happy 4th of July everyone! 

Christina xx

Ingredients: Lemonade, Sugar, Frozen Strawberries, Frozen Blueberries 

Steps: 1. Start with lemonade. I used Minute Maid lemonade that I bought already made, but feel free to make your own lemonade to start with.

2. Sweeten the lemonade with sugar. For a punch bowl size of filled lemonade, I used 1 cup of sugar. You can put however much sugar in it as needed to get it as sweet as you want. 
(Skip this step if you don't want to sweeten it)

3.  Next add strawberries.

4. Then add blueberries.

5. Pour your lemonade into a glass and add a straw & enjoy! 

(P.S- Be sure to drink within 24 hours because the fruit can ferment
.. or just wait to add the fruit until you're ready to drink it!
P.S.S- This warning is here because I made this mistake!)

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