Monday, July 6, 2015


Hey everyone--

I am starting a new kind of prayer journal and I wanted to open it up to all of my friends and readers out there! I really want to use social media in a positive, uniting way. I would love to pray and encourage you in any way that I can!

If you would like to add prayers to my prayer chain at any time, please email me:
You can also leave me a comment, whichever you prefer. However, email is the safest bet though to be sure I get it!

Also, feel free to be as specific or general as you like.

I'm super excited to start this and I hope you'll participate if you're in need or want of prayers!

Christina xx


  1. Hey Christina! I was reading through the blogs I follow this morning and found this one:

    Her name is Kendra. I thought you might want to add her to your prayers.


Have a sweet day!