Friday, June 19, 2015

The Daily Sugar x Kylie Noelle Photography (What to Wear: Vintage/Retro Summer)

Hey everyone--

So I've partnered up with Kylie Noelle Photography for this post! I'm so excited to be a part of her "What to Wear Series". For our collaboration, I put together a few looks that I think would be great for a vintage/retro summer style photo shoot! This would be a fantastic theme for any type of shoot really... senior portraits, engagement, or just for fun! 

The photographer of Kylie Noelle Photography is a sweet friend of mine. She is so talented at what she does and I'm so excited that she got to take my pictures. I've admired her work for quite some time now and working with her was crazy fun! She puts you right at ease in front of the camera and she has really awesome, creative ideas! You should definitely check out her site and blog to see all the work that she has done!

Plus, look at the adorable keepsake she makes to store all of your photos on. 
(I had to share it with you, it's too cute to stay hidden!)
I adore vintage style photo shoots! I would describe my own personal style as having a vintage touch to it, so a vintage themed shoot just seemed fitting! It's really helpful to have some sort of theme and vision in mind when getting your pictures taken. It helps to give you and the photographer direction and it also helps pull all of the looks in the session together! Also, I love summer! It's my favorite season so I love coming up with looks that portray that breezy, "kick-your-shoes-off" feeling.
When deciding what to wear for the photos, I was keeping the theme in mind. Crop tops, fuller skirts, high waist-ed silhouettes and sundresses screamed vintage to me so those are the items I chose. 
 Recently, I've really been loving skirts with volume! The minute I saw the pink skirt online, I knew I had to have it in my closet. I bought it way back in the winter season and I had to wait a long time for warm, skirt wearing weather. I was very excited to wear this skirt for the shoot!
Pink is my favorite color so I just feel good when I'm wearing it. Try wearing an item that's your favorite color or has your favorite color in it. It's an instant mood booster, and that happiness will shine through in your photos!
 I like wearing crop tops to give off a vintage vibe, they're also very on trend now too so it's a win win. I pair my crop tops with bottoms that have high waist-ed silhouettes because it's more flattering than low rise silhouettes. Also a crop top and high waist-ed outfit, allow you to show a little skin but not bare it all. 
I brought my strawberry bag for the pictures too, because I think a fun, eye-catching accessory makes the shoot feel a little more fun and not so serious. 
As for the red and white striped dress, it's probably my favorite sundress that I've been wearing this season.
  My two favorite things about the dress are the scheme that is a little patriotic and the bow around the waist!
 I feel pretty in this dress, but not too fancy. I can still kick of my shoes and run in the grass with this dress on.
 Plus, stripes are timeless! A lot of other prints are too, so a printed dress is always a good choice for photos in my opinion.

Also, I like my confidence boost when I'm wearing something red. 
It's a confidence giving color, so why not wear something red for your next photo shoot?!

Hope you enjoyed! Have a sweet day!

Christina xx
All photos: Of course taken by the lovely
Outfit Details:
White Eyelet Crop Top-
Pink Skirt-
White Wedge Sandals-
Strawberry Bag-

Red & White Striped Dress-
Brown Sandals-

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