Monday, June 2, 2014

White Illusions

Hey everyone--

I really think there is nothing I love more than a pretty white dress.  I tend to gravitate towards colorful prints and patterns and excess, but a simple white dress in the summer is a breath of fresh air. I'm absolutely crazy about this Deb Shops illusion maxi. It even comes with this braided belt.. If a simple white dress is isn't edgy enough for you, you can throw on a military jacket for a little flair. Put on some brown wedges and accessorize with plenty of jewelry. This Debs necklace is gorgeous on and it pairs well with mixed metallic earrings and a chunky gold bangle

Happy Monday everyone! 

Christina xx


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  2. So gorgeous! I've been looking for a maxi dress for the summer but they all seem so shapeless! I'll remember to bring a belt along next time.

    Just made various social media accounts too so if you'd like to follow me in any of them, I would really appreciate it! :) I just followed you on facebook and twitter.
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  3. Love the matching belt and shoes. They really pull the look together. Maxis are totally the way to go when it's hot out!


  4. so pretty!

  5. I love your dress!! SO lovely!


Have a sweet day!