Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maple Cream Confection

Hey guys--
Fall is officially here! That means my boots and sweaters have come out to play. For Deb Shops, I've put together a cozy look for a cool fall morning.  I paired a lace dress with an Aztec print cardigan, a gold arrow necklace and brown lace up boots. These boots are a must have for fall style. I love the vintage vibe that lace -up boots have and the best part about these boots is that they fold over. The inside of the boot has a plaid print that is a perfect color scheme for autumn. 

I love a good Aztec print cardigan for cool weather. They're so cozy and chic! What do you think?

Ahh the weekend at last!
Happy weekend to all!

Christina xxoo


  1. ohhh, i love the color combinations here!! very maple, like you said. your necklace is beautiful too :D

  2. really lovely boho outfit! you look lovely in the lace dress and nice tan boots too!

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  3. I love that cardigan, it looks so comfy. And those boots are so gorgeous, I've been looking for something similar for ages. Your blog seems really lovely - I followed you on GFC & would truly appreciate if you could check out my blog as well. :-)


  4. This outfit is amazing! I love the necklace, boots, cardigan, dress! I want it all haha.

    You posted a comment on my blog agessss ago...the harry potter studio tour review post and I am just returning the favour as I finally got round to sorting things out! I love your blog and have given it a follow, can't wait to see what is to come next :) xx


  5. total outfit is amazing <3


Have a sweet day!