Thursday, April 4, 2013

Online Shopping Guide: Msdressy Prom 2013 + Coupon

Hey friends--
Looking back on my high school days, I can't help but think of prom. All year I would daydream about what my dress would look like and I'd diligently search for months for the perfect one. My mom and I would have so much fun prom shopping and searching. I wish that I had known about Msdressy for my dances!

Msdressy has all of the up-and-coming prom styles available to you! Go for a bright orange or fuchsia gown to astound your friends with your big entrance. Or opt for a traditional gown with a sheer lace cutout to give you a romantic, flirtatious poise. Whatever your dream look may be, you'll have no problem making it a reality when you come to 

Now like Msdressy on and get your $10 coupon! 

& All dresses throughout the website have FREE SHIPPING right now! So check it out and find your dream prom look today.

Happy Thursday!
Christina xxoo


  1. we havent heard of this site before but will definitely check iy out now

  2. All true! I always wish my prom dress would be something of this sort instead of something lame that I would get from the mall :< Thanks for introducing this to us Christina!


  3. The dresses are so beautiful! White prom night:)

  4. Wow, love these dresses I have my may ball coming soon

  5. love this post :)
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    XO MP

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    Every outfit is so beautiful and stylish!
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