Thursday, January 17, 2013

Luck Be A Lady

Hey everyone--
I just got back from a lovely trip to Florida. Not needing tights was such a pleasant surprise!
The weather was incredible, the pina coladas were delicious and the family time was precious. It's always nice to take a girls trip and reconnect. However, my body has not wanted to adjust from the warm 80's weather to the bitter 20's weather. I'm envious of all of you Floridians.

So guys, this skirt is from SWAYCHIC. I love the cut and color and it's one of those feel good pieces. I love wearing a skirt that moves with the wind and flows out around me while I walk and I always feel so pretty and feminine in chiffon. SWAYCHIC has a great collection of skirts and dresses, I'm definitely recommending them to all! They really do have adorable items. I can't wait to show you the spoon ring that I got from them, it's swoon-worthy friends. & If you're looking for indie jewelry for yourself, check out their selection!

Have a fabulous weekend! Happy Thursday!

Christina xxoo


  1. i'm loving the cardi, very chic and kinda throwback to the fifties, doris day movie. great.

  2. Love the skirt! Perfect dinner outfit

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! Really really looking like a lady. Love the skirt


Have a sweet day!