Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Summer Meet Autumn

Hey guys--
I love when the leaves start falling and the cider starts being served. There's nothing quite like an autumn day. My upcoming New York trip is starting to consume me. I can barely focus on my classes. Everything else seems so dull in comparison. I've already begun planning my outfits. I can't wait to be downtown and experience New York City in the fall. So excited..

The sun was doing amazing things while these pictures were being taken. The lighting looks different in just about every picture, but that's only because the day was incredibly beautiful! I like the little spots on the photos caused by the sun. I know it bothers some people, but I think they're pretty.

Just want to thank everyone for all of the support that I received on this look through! I was so happy. Thank you!
Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. love the skirt :)

  2. Hope meets Faith:) Love this look!

  3. Cute outfit, love the top with the floral skirt!

    Sounds very exciting your trip to NYC! Have fun!


  4. love your watch! :) i follow you, TinaB.

  5. Goodluck for you new york fall love <3 byptw, love the whole outfit especially the skirt <3


  6. Wow i would be wearing that blazer all fall!! :-) Great outfit

  7. this is such a cute vintage look.. LOVE IT!!!!!!


Have a sweet day!