Thursday, December 10, 2015

8 Essentials for a Winter Weekend Getaway!

Hi friends!

Today I'm sharing with you a few of my essentials to pack for a winter weekend trip! Of course everyone packs differently (I tend to over pack) but these are a few of the things that I'm taking with me on my weekend getaway trip. It's been so fun planning for this trip using the Glamping Hub Winter Weekend Getaways! The Glamping Hub is a booking website that provides you with worldwide access to unique outdoor accommodations. They specialize in all things "glamping" and their blog is so cute. I was really inspired by all of their posts.

 I think packing can actually be fun when you try your best to stay organized and focused on what you might actually need/want on your stay. When it comes to wardrobe, I like to choose items that are super versatile so you can style them into different outfits, while still keeping the packing light! I found that the items I'm showing you today are awesome travel clothes/accessories for this! 

Are you wanting or planning a winter weekend getaway trip of your own? I'm so excited for ours. There's nothing better than a cozy little trip away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I plan on sipping a lot of hot cocoa, while I'm wrapped in a big throw appreciating all of winter's beauty! 

Here are my 8 essentials:

1. Your Comfiest Boots 
Chances are, you might do a lot of walking on your trip. Even if you plan on taking it easy, you might realize there is a sight that you'd like to go see. So a really comfy pair of boots is the way to go!
2. Cozy Knit Hats
Of course I'm throwin' a hat in there. They keep you warm and stylish! These hats are so popular right now too so you can pick one up practically anywhere.
3. Festive Reading Material
When you're surrounded by the tranquility of nature, you can really get lost in a book. I think it's a great idea to bring a devotional on any trip you take, especially a weekend getaway. On a peaceful, cozy trip you can really focus on the devotion and meditation.
4. A Layering Jacket
It will probably be too cold to rely on a layering jacket as your main source of warmth, so definitely definitely definitely pack a warm winter coat too! A layering jacket is a must, because it allows you to wear a lot of layers either under or over it and it looks great too!
5. A Blanket Scarf
You gotta bring a scarf that doubles as a blanket.. double the cuddliness! I love this one of mine, it always feels like I'm leaving the house wrapped in a blankie and I'm not complainin'!
6. Twinkle Lights
Okay, so you might not need twinkle lights, but they really set the mood! I always feel more festive and relaxed in magical lighting. Plus, these were a $1 at Target!
7. Cute Thermos 
A practical thermos is going to be super helpful to have on the trip to contain all of your liquids. Mine will be used for keeping my coffee hot! 
8. Snuggly Throw Blanket 
A soft, fuzzy throw blanket is a great item to pack to wrap up in or cover up with. It's gonna keep you warm and bundled up.
Let me know if you're planning any winter trips this season!

Christina xx

BearPaw lace-up boots, H&M black hat, Forever 21 cream hat, She Reads Truth advent devotional, Deb studded utility jacket, Altar'd State plaid scarf, Target starry lights, ModCloth plaid thermos, T.J.Maxx faux fur blanket

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