Friday, July 17, 2015

Trades Of Hope: Founders Tour Columbus (The Roosevelt Coffeehouse)

Hey everyone--

Trades of Hope recently held their founders tour at The Roosevelt Coffeehouse in Columbus. I went with my friend Bethany (she is the cutie in the bright patterned dress looking at the merchandise in one of the pictures below). We had such a good evening hearing from Co-Founders, Gretchen and Elisabeth Huijskens and a compassionate entrepreneur, Jill Butler. 

The stories of change and hope for women living in poverty and difficulty situations were very inspiring. Trades of Hope's mission is to change these women's lives from pain and struggle into stories of hope. Many of the women have been rescued from sex slavery. Many are living in war torn countries and others are handicapped or raising handicapped children without support.  

Trades of Hopes work with the artisans and organizations that are helping women directly. They help my marketing their products. They believe that anyone at any age can make a difference and be a world changer!

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse is an awesome awesome spot to pop in and have a cup coffee. It was my first time and I had no idea the good they were doing. They are feeding people in need locally and internationally and they are working to rescue those who have been enslaved. They have good coffee for good, good for fighting hunger, good for clean water and good for fighting human trafficking. Yeah.. they're really cool. It was just a plus that their coffee is yummy! I definitely recommend this coffeehouse. 

Both of these organizations have found really awesome ways to make a difference. They're fighting injustice daily and working to be the light in the world.

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Christina xx

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