Sunday, September 7, 2014

Teen Vogue & Olay Fresh Effects "Fresh To School" Girls Night In (The Ohio State University)

Hey everyone--

This past weekend I had the honor of hosting a campus event for +Teen Vogue and Olay Fresh Effects.  I had such a blast! It was so fun having a girls night in with my best friends celebrating both Teen Vogue and Fresh Effects. We painted our nails, played dress up and snacked on treats all night! 

I really wanted to celebrate the beginning of a new school year and the "Fresh To School" theme was absolutely perfect for a fresh new start! I have been using Olay Fresh Effects since I got a free sample of their powered contour cleansing system at Teen Vogue Fashion University this year. The facial cleansing brush makes my skin feel soft and exfoliated after use and I love the scent of the facial cleanser. For our girls night in, we all got to try out Fresh Effects products! My girls got to take home makeup removers, hydrating gels, eye brighteners and three lucky ladies got to take home acne scrubs, exfoliating scrubs, BB creams and Olay beauty bags! I want to extend a huge thank you to Olay for providing us with so many great products! I have used the eye brightener every morning since the party! The brightener is my all-time favorite out of the new items that I have tried. Often, I don't get enough sleep and I wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles. About a minute after I glide the roller over my dark circles, the darkness is dramatically reduced. The puffiness is calmed and the purple color disappears. I won't go without it now!

I had two snack bars, a popcorn bar and a caramel apple bar. I thought both were fun back-to-school treats. For the popcorn bar, there was cheesy, butter and caramel popcorn flavors & reese's pieces, chocolate chips and peanuts to mix in! For the caramel apple bar, I had oreo, m&m's, mixed nuts, pretzels, sprinkles and marshmallow topping options. There were also a few fall appetizers, pigs in a blanket, salty caramel cookies and crackers with goat cheese, pecans and cranberry. My favorite treat of all was the pumpkin pie mocktail. They tasted so sweet and pumpkin-y .. yum!

We had so much fun playing around with the photo booth! I felt like a little girl at a slumber party watching all of my friends run around with feather boas and eye patches on. Everyone needs some silly fun! And we really wanted to show off our love for Teen Vogue and Olay! 
& I have pretty fashionable friends it was fun to show the off too! 

At the end of the night, the party was winding down and all of us girls lounged around, had girl talk and browsed our Teen Vogue magazines. Kendall Jenner killed it as a Teen Vogue cover star. The September issue had two different cover looks with her on it. If you haven't seen them, she looks crazy gorgeous in both. I have to say the cover with the hat is definitely my favorite.

Happy back to school!
 WE love you Teen Vogue & Olay Fresh Effects! Thank you for everything!

Christina xx

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  2. What a fun event! It's nice to see everyone getting in on the fun!


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