Monday, July 29, 2013

Online Shopping Guide: Persun (White Cocktail Dresses)

Hey everyone--
Though my fall wardrobe has been on my mind lately, it’s still summer. I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to get all of the wear out of my favorite white pieces before the days of summer come to an end. Not because I follow the “no white after labor day” rule, but solely because my favorite white pieces right now are lightweight and won’t keep me warm enough in the autumn! However, I’m actually against the rule altogether. If you don’t know which rule I’m talking about, it’s the old school fashion guideline that states that you shouldn't wear white before memorial day or after labor day. This rule is so old school that it’s almost extinct and I could never follow it because I love my winter whites. Personally, I think that this clean and beautiful shade works year round!

Persun has an absolutely gorgeous assortment of white cocktail dresses to end your summer with a bang. A white cocktail dress is the absolutely best canvas for a fashion masterpiece. You can keep the look simple and chic by sticking to pure white accessories, or you can spice up the look by accessorizing with bright, bold colored accessories. You can also pair your lwd (little white dress) with black accessories to create the perfect classic outfit. My summer choice is pairing white with a deep turquoise or a glamorous silver.

Another perk of a white dress will accentuate that glorious tan that you've been perfecting all summer. It will also look flattering in photos taken at a summer party. White frocks photograph so beautifully because they look very crisp and fresh in front of any backdrop. Whether you’re on the beach, or at a backyard block party, your little white dress will pop. For your next cocktail party, look white hot in a white Persun dress!

Happy Shopping!

Christina xxoo


  1. pretty dresses!!


  2. The dresses are really pretty. They always make me look a bit more tanned than I already am haha.
    I follow your blog now. Would you mind checking out mine? (:

  3. Such a feminine look!

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