Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Online Shopping Guide: Persun (Short Formal Dresses)

Hey everyone--
When it comes to women’s formal dresses, short is the new long! With each passing year, I see the lengths at events getting shorter and shorter. In the past, long formal gowns have been all the rage.. sweeping the floors with their length. It was rare to see a short dress on a bridesmaid or at a prom. Then a few years ago, it became acceptable and even popular to wear a dress of a short length to a homecoming or a celebration. Still, they were a rare sight at proms or on wedding parties. Now, short lengths are right on trend! Shorter dresses are now accepted and adored at every fancy gathering and formal event. Ladies, you no longer have to save those sexy cocktail dresses for cocktail parties! Break out that hot little number and be the belle of your ball.

For all of you shy gals out there, have no hesitation! There is a way to rock the short length without showing too much skin. I know many girls stray away from thigh clinging lengths because they prefer a more modest, elegant look. However, I have good news! If you've secretly been dying to go a little shorter, Persun has a wonderful variety of short formal dresses. Whether you’re wanting a sweeter or a more daring look, you are sure to find the perfect dress for your style.

I've never shied away from short length dresses because I think they’re so adorable and chic! With a shorter length, you can also show off a fabulous pair of shoes. Persun really has some fun, spunky dresses. Personally, I’m in love with simple white dresses and flower appliques for summer!

Happy Shopping!

Christina xxoo

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