Friday, November 30, 2012

November's Treat: Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globe

This Christmas, I wanted to make my sister a special gift. Her presents are always so thoughtful so I decided to get creative this gift season. The minute I saw the idea for an Anthropologie inspired snow globe, I fell in love. It's a wonderful homemade gift idea if you're on a budget and want to give a gift from the heart! Plus, it's adorable! 

Materials: mason jar with lid, white carft glitter, miniature dollhouse tree, miniature plastic reindeer, cellophane treat bag, scissors, red lace ribbon, forest green ribbon, plastic red berry cluster, Christmas tree name-tag, pencil

FYI: You can find the miniature tree and reindeer at any craft store. Also, feel free to buy whatever name-tag and ribbon that you like best.


1. Start with an empty mason jar and remove the lid.

2. Fill the bottom of the jar with white craft glitter. Be sure to put enough glitter in the jar to root the tree and the reindeer, so that they don't move around!

3. Place the miniature tree into the jar and gently pat the bottom sides of the jar to get the glitter to surround the base of the tree.

4. Place the miniature reindeer inside the jar. This will be the trickiest part of the project because you almost have to drop them onto the glitter because your hand probably won't fit into the jar. If the reindeer fall over, use the eraser side of a pencil to try and stand them up again.

5. Put the lid back onto the jar.

6. Slip a cellophane treat bag around the jar.

7. Use scissors to cut red lace ribbon and forest green ribbon.

8. Tie the ribbons into a bow around the jar and the cellophane bag.

9. Cut a small branch off of the plastic berry cluster.

10. Stick the branch through the center knot of the ribbon bow.

11. Write a special message on the back of a Christmas tree name-tag.

12. Tie the name-tag onto the ribbon bow.

13. When the jar is complete, give your festive gift with holiday cheer and have a merry merry Christmas!

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